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rants about some vintage car owners and the misery of living with Old cars.


Ponderings Posted on Wed, March 18, 2020 06:39:18

Big fear worldwide, this little bugger. Is it the end of Vintage motor cars? With the demographic of those at most risk being those who are interested in Pre War cars, could this spell the end of the Dinosaurs that are us! Not that we would be classed as Velociraptor, more like Headupthearsaurus.

Headupthearsaurus: Ponderous bipedal through back, having only retrospective vision and short attention sp….. where was I?

Hoping we all come out the other side of this pandemic…..wishing you all good luck.

Something New to play with while I antisocialise, self isolate.

What Fun!

New Kid on the Block.

Folk Posted on Wed, March 18, 2020 06:34:36

Scott has launched himself onto the Old Car World with him new Web site. He will be working in collaboration with Darren Goodgame and Myself on some projects we have for the future and ongoing builds already started.

Find him at

Wishing him every success for the future.

One we made earlier, Scott’s wiring job.

On the Shelf.

Struggles Posted on Sat, February 15, 2020 16:22:48

Had to start making hard to find short falls. Came to build a customer supplied Mk.6 engine (pile of bits) did the oil filter system but was missing pressure take off and pipe work at rear of engine. Also one main feed pipe and the pressure adjusting screw is the short spring type ( problematic).

So now have made all parts new, for the shelf…. as I was also short on some of my engines in the line…and there must be others who will need them.

Also making for Mk.V timing gear idler shafts, as they are not available and are different to Mk.4 and Mk.6

Things are getting hard to find in the “used parts bin” and no one much is producing anything new anymore.

Mk.6 with external oil filter.

Getting through them!

Struggles Posted on Fri, January 24, 2020 07:12:53

I have more engine builds in house than you can shake a stick at…but a couple of them have gone out this year already, thank goodness!! One Arrow crank, one original.

Arrow Hot job.
Standard Monaco.


Cars Posted on Sat, December 21, 2019 16:21:01

The Brooklands rolling chassis is now in Germany. So now we start again!

Two in tandem this time. A cable braked one and a Girling braked racer with Merlin engine and axles. Scott will build the Merlin version and campaign it in VSCC events, then decide which of his two is best to keep for himself. I think I will campaign the other, rather than trash the original too much.

It’s on the slipway now!


And IN!

Uncategorised Posted on Wed, November 13, 2019 09:30:29

Fitted engine and box now….on down hill run!

Getting there.

Brooklands Out!

Cars Posted on Mon, November 11, 2019 07:19:11

Finally got the Brooklands Rolling chassis on it’s wheel, all ready now to have gearbox and engine fitted. Just have to fire up the engine in the test bed and then all set to go. Maybe a lucky Christmas for the New German owner.

What Fun!

Long Coarse Presscott.

Cars Posted on Mon, September 30, 2019 06:52:43

Had a Good day at this years event, weather held off which always helps. Scott Got 1st in class, I had a few gentle drives on unknown engine and running gear…bits still falling off.

Many thanks to Dennis Rushton the excellent picture used in this post.

A Grand Day Out!

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