I have found very much over the, too many, years that different Marques attract different types of folk.
Riley types are, in the main, SOUND!, altogether nice folk. The few that are not, really want the other Marque that their “assholeyness”, denotes but can’t afford….this also goes for the trade side of things.
AC it seems to me attract, a breed of trade suppliers that surpass the traditional “Back street Cowboys” to a new level of deceit that is near unbelievable. Owners seem to be, in general, good guys.
I have found that in having to help out many hapless AC owners, most “AC traders” are lairs and conscienceless crooks. They pretend to be experts in all fields, when all they do is leach off others….in the real world like the saying goes “those that can’t, teach”. They lie through their teeth,even to themselves, about any thing to win a pound extra out of folk.
Black is white in their world, unless black gets them another pound! Mammon is more important too them than anything else in this world, and they will lie and cheat to get it however they can. Evolution has made AC owners their pray animal for some reason? Like lambs to the slaughter they merrily open their wallets and say “help your self”, so I suppose that has what singled them out from the herd.
Just a cautionary note to all AC owners to beware the spouter of bollocks that you come into contact with when in “Vintage car Hell” That hand extended is not to grab yours as you drown, this to lift your wallet and then watch you go under without trace! Your cries unheeded.

Invicta…as a Marque are, near beyond belief, Fine motor cars…..There is a crook that swims in this pool that far and away surpass all others on the “Car crook wall of infamy” Michael Bristow. He is the most despicable sociopath one could never wish to meet again, and I will happily meet him in court if he wishes to sue me for libel, for the truth is not libelous in any way. His many court appearances are just the tip of the iceberg, as most folk burned by him can not bring themselves to go that way…like many victims, too ashamed to tell anyone how foolish they have been…….