When a new owner took over a business next door to me, I tried to be helpful.
As per normal with poor people, greed is his drive and with a sense that he should be able to do as he pleases he soon pissed me off.
We have a long track to our house and on then to his site. Alongside this in the 70’s we laid a parking area for ourselves, to save blocking the track. On this My boy’s caravan lives….well as with many folk caravans get right up this new guy’s nose and over it was were we fell out. He had the cheek to say he didn’t mind us parking our cars there…like he has the fu*king right to stop us….but we should move the caravan out to a secluded spot out of sight to, suit him and,” make the driveway look smart”
I don’t think he is expecting what this has prompted from me this weekend….now in our garden alongside the track I have placed a tatty old van I bought…JUST TO PISS HIM OFF!!!! He now has to look at every time he drives up or down to his site.

The thing is I am luckier than him, as I don’t live next door to ME!