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rants about some vintage car owners and the misery of living with Old cars.

Brooklands Six

Cars Posted on Wed, July 24, 2019 06:56:40

We now have the Ralph Wren’s Brooklands Six project in house. Been on the go for 40 odd years. Scott has decided to build it up to completion, so now the work starts.

It is a very much as found,in pieces, kit-o-bits at this stage. I have had the chassis powder coated to make a nice clean start, all the rest of the parts are being blasted, cleaned and got ready to refurbish….long road ahead.

Brooklands Six
Boot sale!


Cars Posted on Wed, July 24, 2019 06:47:54

Just got the Millard Brooklands. Not been on the road since the 50’s, when found in a scrap yard in Gloucestershire. Hoping to have it out at VSCC Prescott 3rd&4th August.

Won’t be competitive at all yet. Needs an engine upgrade over winter. But would be nice to give her an airing.

Millard Brooklands