Well I do say “How do you know if an auctioneer is lying?? easy his lips are moving.”

Do not believe for one second that the Riley Brooklands Special for sale at Bonhams 17-10-2020 was Professionally Restored by Brooklands EngineCraft at any time.

I did sell a pile of poo, before I was Brooklands EngineCraft to a guy as a rolling chassis. It had a poor quality Mike Holden chassis and an as found engine and box sold to me as rebuilt by a typical Riley Register guy ( no expense incurred) In fact it had a Merlin idler gear in the worn out timing gear set, so the oil pump could never of worked. It did have new Metalled bearings and I stuffed in an aluminium idler and eccentric so it would have oil pressure. All the rest of the engine was just old used Riley bits….Gearbox as a mess, but was told rebuilt…again no expense uncured…apart from all the welding to it, that’s why it’s red!

The Chassis went to Brooklands BodyCraft and that was the last I saw of it. Darren made a body and sent it on it’s way.

I have told them to remove my name from adverts, but I am sorry to inform you that as of 12 today 14-10, nothing has happened on line…funny I can alter my adverts immediately on line….they said it take 24 hours.