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rants about some vintage car owners and the misery of living with Old cars.

Steering stops

Riley Wrinkles Posted on Fri, January 02, 2015 13:24:27

Below you will see what can happen on the later quadrant steering boxes if you don’t set the stops correctly!!!


Riley Wrinkles Posted on Sat, December 06, 2014 11:14:35

Silent 3rd Gearbox rebuild.

Upon stripping one often finds the bearings are no longer
tight in their housings. Both main ball races are able to float, this
also extends to the input shaft fit which is loose too in the bearing. This all leads to the power pulling the input
and output shafts into the centre of the box….standing between them….a single
ball bearing. See the effect of this in
the picture. This can also lead to the lay shaft content
mesh gear grinding away at the bearing if it is tight on the shaft still.

Solution …contact Brooklands EngineCraft asap!

crank gear fitting

Riley Wrinkles Posted on Sat, November 15, 2014 07:15:39

Some folk do not understand that the crank thrust washer must be held fast by the crank gear.( one broken engine came in missing it…guy had lost clutch when it broke up)
Best when fitting up to clamp gear with G clamp to trap the washed (or work with over size washers and grind to correct thickness.) then taper ream the pin hole till clean
You do need a couple of thou end float ….and I always cut oil groves across thrust face of bearings to allow oil to do it’s job when the clutch is held in….I have seen a melted bearing from clutch riding.

watch out!

Riley Wrinkles Posted on Thu, November 13, 2014 14:05:54

Riley nines are subject to frost damage, normally shows on back block face….not so obvious is what you find inside some times around cam follower holes….end of an engine!

silent 3rd clutch lift

Riley Wrinkles Posted on Sun, November 09, 2014 06:15:02

Stripped another engine gearbox unit to find again assembler got it wrong. Always fit lifter arm with bolt head at top of arm above shaft centre line. This one is on 180 degrees out. Have seen them with spacers under cover to clear bolt when it moves.

9hp oil systems

Riley Wrinkles Posted on Sun, November 02, 2014 07:53:32

be Dragons.

changed the inner engine oiling systems on nines many times, which
has lead to many an engine being built to fail. If you mix parts from
different years you can easily end up with loss of oil pressure and
failed bearings….even seen one with just the wrong front cam bushes
and that lead to disaster.

pit falls are the differences between internal and external rocker
feed engines.
were made with external feed via a small pipe from the blow off valve
or top of pump take off to the rockers through the top of the timing
chest. The head has drain back at the front and this runs down
through the block to holes in the cam bushes.
Riley changed to internal oil feed the drain back became the feed and
the casting covered more of the cam bush. Oil was passed from the top
of the inner pump take off via a larger pipe to a cross drilling that
feeds the idler gear spindle and both cam bushes. These bushes have a
grove around them and oil carries on up through the block and head
into the rocker boxes. These parts are all different to the earlier
and later external feed which was reintroduced in later 1934 and
carried on into the Merlin range.
the later external type oil feed to the same cross drilling, these
cam bushes have no grove, and a banjo bolt allow for oil to the
rocker externally. Oil drain back at the front of the head again.
have seen external pipes fitted on to internal rocker boxes that then
allowed oil out of the feed holes to atmosphere, and internal with
the wrong shaft so on oil can get into it at all….maybe should not
say Dragons…should
be Clowns.
is the design changes to the internal air bell, some years have a
long thin one that sockets into a small hole in a casting rib that is
not drilled if it had the lager air bell. The thin one is directly
off the blow off valve, the lager is on the pipe between the pump and
valve casting.
solution to building an engine from parts is to seek expert
help…..having said that beware some experts, and worse to assume
that a complete engine is built with all the correct parts.

9hp Valve timing

Riley Wrinkles Posted on Wed, October 29, 2014 06:58:56

Sorry fact with Riley 9hp timing…..there are 13 teeth on the crank gear…so that equates to 27.7 deg. of crank revolution per tooth….which makes it that you can, at worse, be up to 13.8 deg. out at cam.
That is a long way out…..if you have just spent a fortune on New cams to then run them when not spot on is foolish.
Brooklands Enginecraft adjustable gears give the the opportunity to set the cams spot on and the whole set up takes no more than 5 minutes…..
Another problem with Magneto engines is that the mag can be between teeth for optimum spark timing…….have had to re-cut key ways here before now…BTH to dissy conversion solves this one.

12/4 pitfalls

Riley Wrinkles Posted on Sun, October 19, 2014 17:57:37

Tip when buying a 12/4 block…look for frost damage under the internal water jacket by the oil pump drive area. This is the most popular place to find trouble.
Can be mended by metal stitching, but very expensive to do.
Hard to see till you realise that the hot spot tube is visible.

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