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rants about some vintage car owners and the misery of living with Old cars.

Lost the plot!

Struggles Posted on Sat, April 18, 2020 09:52:46

This is the state of Chippenham workshop now. 7 nines in build that can be seen, four out of shot….plus a couple of Wolseley 6 cylinder engines on the go! Don’t mention the gearboxes or it might tip me over the edge!

Tweaked engine for Oily Rag car, now gone to Scott for fitting. New game for you of ” spot the difference!” Bottom picture is the latest.

Spot the differences!

Head in My Hands!

Struggles Posted on Fri, April 10, 2020 10:45:20

got stuck into a batch of heads this week. got one block to collect from re-bore and a set of wissy round type bits at balancing.

Which is who’s?

On the Shelf.

Struggles Posted on Sat, February 15, 2020 16:22:48

Had to start making hard to find short falls. Came to build a customer supplied Mk.6 engine (pile of bits) did the oil filter system but was missing pressure take off and pipe work at rear of engine. Also one main feed pipe and the pressure adjusting screw is the short spring type ( problematic).

So now have made all parts new, for the shelf…. as I was also short on some of my engines in the line…and there must be others who will need them.

Also making for Mk.V timing gear idler shafts, as they are not available and are different to Mk.4 and Mk.6

Things are getting hard to find in the “used parts bin” and no one much is producing anything new anymore.

Mk.6 with external oil filter.

Getting through them!

Struggles Posted on Fri, January 24, 2020 07:12:53

I have more engine builds in house than you can shake a stick at…but a couple of them have gone out this year already, thank goodness!! One Arrow crank, one original.

Arrow Hot job.
Standard Monaco.

AC New Crank case

Struggles Posted on Sat, August 15, 2015 06:35:02

We have now, finally, finished machining the first batch of New Weller AC six cylinder aluminium crank cases. Block no.1 is match machined with crank fitted to replace the buggered case mentioned in earlier post.
I now just have to build the thing and get running…..along with one hundred and one other jobs!
Right Bob, now for 5 New Sprite gearboxes that are on order for winter!!

Up Hill struggle

Struggles Posted on Fri, October 10, 2014 15:05:18

Straw clutched….no better……next straw ……Coil changed,no better….next one needles … changed….much improved…still not the ticket!!!
Straw in carburetor???

Missing Uphills

Struggles Posted on Thu, October 09, 2014 20:06:37

Well…. what’s the point of a hill climber when it miss fires on steep hills? Straws to clutch at…Fuel or sparks.
Plumped for fuel starvation, as pump high up on bulkhead. Fitted one of those new fangled modern Facet pumps…yet to get electrickery to it to test. Decided to wait till all the spilled fuel has evaporated before drilling earth screw hole in chassis.
Had one garage fire in my time…..DO NOT want another thanks. Lost 15 British bikes trying to weld a £50 Morris Marina I was driving at the time !

one flat at a time!

Struggles Posted on Tue, October 07, 2014 18:59:03

When they designed the 1932 chassis they certainly set us challenge….. Try getting the engine and gearbox out of these cars and much gnashing of teeth and rude utterances soon fill the air.
In the last two years I have found front radiator mount cross members that have been:
Cut and then welded back after job done.
De-riveted, cut in half and fitted back in with bolts and and joining plates.
A section removed and then fitted back with joining plates and bolts. ( best way )

You have to unbolt the steering box and move as far away as you can. Take the adjuster bolt out of it too.
Drive the bolts out from engine and box connection. Why do folk put these in with the heads at the front? makes them near impossible to get past steering box.
Also do not forget to undo the clutch operation arms before you start separation of engine and box.
Take out the bottom dynamo mounting stud.
Tilt the engine up and over hard to nearside, having undone rear gearbox mounting bolt for ball socket.
Whilst doing these operations make sure to bash your head on the windscreen locking screw on fold flat windscreen and draw blood ( a ritual needed to be preformed in various guises to appease the Gods of Buggery when ever working on vintage cars )