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rants about some vintage car owners and the misery of living with Old cars.

Brooklands Six

Cars Posted on Wed, July 24, 2019 06:56:40

We now have the Ralph Wren’s Brooklands Six project in house. Been on the go for 40 odd years. Scott has decided to build it up to completion, so now the work starts.

It is a very much as found,in pieces, kit-o-bits at this stage. I have had the chassis powder coated to make a nice clean start, all the rest of the parts are being blasted, cleaned and got ready to refurbish….long road ahead.

Brooklands Six
Boot sale!


Cars Posted on Wed, July 24, 2019 06:47:54

Just got the Millard Brooklands. Not been on the road since the 50’s, when found in a scrap yard in Gloucestershire. Hoping to have it out at VSCC Prescott 3rd&4th August.

Won’t be competitive at all yet. Needs an engine upgrade over winter. But would be nice to give her an airing.

Millard Brooklands

Revenge is sweet.

Folk Posted on Sun, June 23, 2019 17:57:49

When a new owner took over a business next door to me, I tried to be helpful.
As per normal with poor people, greed is his drive and with a sense that he should be able to do as he pleases he soon pissed me off.
We have a long track to our house and on then to his site. Alongside this in the 70’s we laid a parking area for ourselves, to save blocking the track. On this My boy’s caravan lives….well as with many folk caravans get right up this new guy’s nose and over it was were we fell out. He had the cheek to say he didn’t mind us parking our cars there…like he has the fu*king right to stop us….but we should move the caravan out to a secluded spot out of sight to, suit him and,” make the driveway look smart”
I don’t think he is expecting what this has prompted from me this weekend….now in our garden alongside the track I have placed a tatty old van I bought…JUST TO PISS HIM OFF!!!! He now has to look at every time he drives up or down to his site.

The thing is I am luckier than him, as I don’t live next door to ME!

Darren’s Special

Cars Posted on Sat, May 25, 2019 05:38:54

The old 1932 wreck I rescued and sold to Darren, of Brooklands Bodycraft, is now sold…We hope.
Took to Beaulieu Autojumble and had much interest, and the first guy is making a trip to deposit and finalise spec.
We keep having folk who want a finished car, they really must learn that sitting on the fence will get them no where….they sell before they get finished!!….and the buyer gets to input the finished car.

Brooklands Special

Ponderings Posted on Sat, May 25, 2019 05:30:56

We are on a mission to build a rolling chassis for a German customer at the moment. Will be interesting to see how it goes when we are at hand over point. I never take deposits, that’s way the “Wrong Special” became mine as the guy welched on the deal at the finish.
So let’s see if the same happens again. Kinda hope ’twill as we can easily finish to complete car and get much more out of the deal.
Still it is on the slipway now, engine near done, gearbox finished.

Grand Day Out!

Cars Posted on Sat, May 25, 2019 05:21:40

Had a good days fun at Wiscombe Park, “Grommet’s Revenge” is not a hill climb car. Fitted with a 4.77:1 diff it just is too high. Gave Kev Morton a shared Drive, even he could not peddle her up the hill anywhere near his own car’s times.
Scott had a good day to and is getting to grips with the Brooklands more with each outing.
Harewood here we come!


Folk Posted on Wed, May 08, 2019 07:29:40

What is it with people, always looking for others to carry the can for them.
They buy old Vintage cars, expecting New BMW like reliability, from 90 year old parts.

Then when they don’t get what they thought they would get, blame other’s for their stupidity of getting into a field they know not a bloody thing about, just to pose down the pub to their mates.

These cars are not an investment, they are a disaster waiting to happen. If you can’t afford to set fire to the cost of buying and maintaining one, keep well away.

Many of them are, in reality now, not worth fixing. If you have a Vintage or PVT saloon of the Cooking variety…and you can’t do all the work yourself, you have a black hole of a money pit opening before you.

A lovely little Riley Monaco went through Chippenham Auctions at a price of £8,500…no one wanted to pay more….The market for this type of car has gone. Now, if the wrong guy got hold of it, thinking “I got a bargain here” and “I can make some money” He would be in for a real shock if the engine gave out and had to pay to fix it. He would be lucky to get it done for less than the car cost him, and that would be with old parts which might fail yet again….New every thing would cost more like £10/12k
When done, the car is still only worth the hammer price paid…..the market for cooking is dead, along with most of the folk who loved these motors.
No young shaver wants “cooking saloons”, if we are lucky they just might want Sports Specials. But more likely to buy hot hatches or what ever is in Vogue at the minute.

More and more I hear disappointed voices on the phone, when given a realist price to fix these things.

Imagine if they went to the Big Boys who say, “open your wallet and repeat after me”
“Help yourself”


Cars Posted on Sat, April 20, 2019 12:57:16

First event done….now to rolling road so that it can then be thrashed.

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